Step By Step Process Of Trenchless Sewer Repair Los Angeles

Sewer pipes can get damaged over the course of time and sometimes they are damaged to an extent where they need to be replaced completely. Earlier, people had no other option but to resort to traditional sewer pipe replacement method which was disruptive, expensive, and resulted in a significant loss to your driveway, landscaping, hardscaping etc. But with latest and technologically advanced Trenchless Sewer Repair Los Angeles, you do not need to worry about all of these factors as there is a minimal digging up and minimal disruption.

It is surprising that this non-intrusive technology made its debut in the market nearly 15 years back but people have been discovering its benefits rather late. This article sheds light on the working of a trenchless water/sewer line replacement that will provide useful information to readers about the way it works and how it does not rely on major excavation with heavy machinery.

Step 1: Trenchless Sewer Replacement Los Angeles is best carried out by up-to-date plumbers who use latest equipments and tools to fix the most complex plumbing problems. The initial step begins with a video inspection of the damaged pipe with the use of latest high resolution video camera which is attached to flexible fiber optic cable. The cable is inserted into your water.sewerage pipe to determine the nature of damage and its exact location.

Step 2: This whole process is a lot simpler and sophisticated as compared to traditional trenching. After locating the damaged pipe, entry and exit points are dug up near the foundation of your home and at the end of your property line respectively. Size of the holes is appropriate in the sense that it is not too small and neither too large to be invasive to the property owner.

Step 3: After digging up of entry and exit holes, small part of the existing existing pipe is removed at both ends to allow for a clean working space which is needed for insertion of new pipe which is then connected properly once it is completely pulled through.

Step 4: HDPE plastic pipe is welded/fused seamlessly onsite to prevent intrusions of any type from entering in the pipe at the time when it is pulled through the existing line. The quality of HDPE plastic piping is far superior and it is widely used to replace the existing sewer/water line.

Step 5: The front of the new, seamless HDPE plastic pipe is attached with bullet bursting head and a thick wire cable. Then, with the help of a powerful hydraulic machine, a new pipeline is pulled through up till exit point as mentioned earlier.

Step 6: Hydraulic machine completes this pulling process very quickly and efficiently. Entry and exit points are joined using premium quality couplers which are manufactured specifically for this purpose. Repaired or replaced sewer/water lines are tested for any leaks and malfunctioning and both excavation points are filled to restore the original appearance of your property.

Coming to the end, Trenchless Sewer Repair Los Angeles is a quicker, efficient, affordable, and durable method which results in minimal excavation and invasion of your property. This is the reason why it is increasingly becoming popular amongst many homeowners and commercial establishments.